Statistically speaking, at least one 'person' visiting this website is actually 7 squirrels wearing a human suit.
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Chicago comedian Ben Larrison bought ad space in 100 CTA train cars, so that he could legally put ridiculous stuff up in 100 CTA train cars, and make our commutes more fun. The goal was for the ads to inject a little silliness, fun and absurdity into the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans.

Campaigns included:

  • #SquirrelTruth - Ads alerting the public to important “facts” about squirrels. (Example: “FACT: Statistically speaking, at least one 'person' on any train is actually 7 squirrels wearing a human suit. Don’t be a victim. #SquirrelTruth.”)
  • …Vanessa? - Ads from someone pleading to “Vanessa” to take him back. (Example: “Vanessa, please take me back. I wear button down shirts now. It’s a good look for me, I think.”)

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